At, we understand that your website becomes the face of your business in the digital world.

With the thousands of websites coming up every day, it has become very important to have a design that stands out from the crowd. And at Connasys, we strive for just that – to make your website not only visually appealing, but also easy to navigate, search engine friendly and last but not the least, an absolute pleasure to use. Our continuous attempt is to use innovative design to put your business's message out to visitors in the most easy-to-use and memorable way.

Our website design process :

  1. Information gathering : We start with understanding your complete requirements – relating to business, services, products, policies, values, and design idea.

  2. Making the Sitemap :Then we move on to designing the sitemap and deciding all the pages, forms, features, functionalities that would be integrated to the website.

  3. Design : Our creative minds then get to work to dish out the most innovative designs for you. We then submit to you the final 2 or 3 designs that we think would best fit your imagined website and beyond.

  4. Development : After collective brainstorming on the look & feel and receiving your approval on the design, starts the development process. This is where all your content goes into the design and the physical structure of the site gets created.

  5. Testing : This is the important stage where the complete site is tested for errors & issues and fixes are done so that from day one, anyone visiting your site has a flawless browsing experience.

  6. Delivery : The tested product is sent for your final approval and on getting the green signal, the site goes live onto the server.

  7. Maintenance : For anything to survive the test of time, maintaining is essential. A good website is one this is worked upon regularly, updated well and works 24x7.

  8. Smile : Our work is never over until we see a satisfied smile on your face and we strive tirelessly until this stage is reached.

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