Enliven your website with dynamic flash content.
Be it flash headers, flash intros or out & out flash scripted websites – we at guarantee you the design which is not just dynamic and impactful, but also meaningful, unique and incorporates the essence of your business.

Our approach to Flash Design :

At Connasys, we believe in creating content and media that conveys much more than just moving set of pictures and information.

  1. Know : To start with, we would like to go through all the existing content that you already have – pictures, videos, audio files , and any and every piece of information that has inspired your business.

  2. Flowchart : The next step is collaborative brainstorming and consolidating the media and make a flowchart layout of the flash content.

  3. Design : Encode the actual flash file as per the flowchart. Send the file for approval and zoom in on the final version envisioned by you and enlivened by our team.

  4. Happy : Strive until you are happy with the flash and truly feel it conveys the essence of your business.