Showcase your company’s products and services to prospects in the most
professional and convincing way with uniquely designed brochures presented in a way to reflect the company’s identity and values.

Creative and striking brochures are a must to convey your idea to prospective customers. At, we understand the importance of the first impression a business brochure creates and we strive hard to design concepts that create a long lasting impression on your customers.

Our Brochure Design process :

  1. Consolidate : We start with gathering all your business information, existing content, images, products, services and all the images that are to go into the brochure.

  2. Conceptualize : The next step is to design the conceptual diagram for the brochure including the positioning of the products/services, the size, folds and  color schemes.

  3. Designs : Our team then carves out the most creative designs for the concept. The final 2 are up for your approval.

  4. Alter :Once approved, the final content goes up on the brochure and alterations are carried out until you are completely happy with the design.

  5. Done : Once you are totally happy with the design, we release the final version as per the effects/colors expected for printing and the brochures are all ready to do their job.